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£1 Million Moon Bingo Jackpot

Moon Bingo has a monthly game with a million pounds in prize money. In the Millionaire coverall bingo jackpot game, Moon Bingo offers players the chance to be a Millionaire in 5 minutes.

£1 Million Moon Bingo Game

Million Pound Bingo Coverall Game

This big bingo jackpot game plays on the third Thursday of every month. The top prize is a massive million Pounds and a minimum guaranteed prize of £1,000.

Minimum Guaranteed Bingo Prizes

For reasons best known to Moon Bingo, there is no information about what one has to do to win the minimum guaranteed £1,000, let alone the million.

Funded members will get this privileged information when they login to play the game. Bingo players have to buy tickets to the game and be logged in at the time of play to find out how the million gets won. Bingo Tickets for the Million Pound Bingo game cost 25 pence each.

More Bingo Jackpot Games

Another seemingly attractive yet mysterious promotion is the Payday Bingo game scheduled for the last Friday of every month.

This game offers a £10,000 bingo jackpot with a minimum guaranteed £2,000 prize. Tickets are 30 pence each. Again bingo players need to buy tickets and play to find out how to win.

Both bingo games are coverall jackpot games where the largest prize will be the player who manages to bingo within the prescribed minimum ball calls. The minimum guaranteed jackpot is an assured prize in this game and goes to the first player who gets bingo after the minimum calls are complete.

Why Take Part in Bingo Jackpot Games

This type of bingo game is relatively standard across UK bingo sites and is entertaining by creating an extra buzz with jackpot offers. The better-informed players are about bingo games, the more likely they will be to play them, a fact that Moon Bingo needs to note.

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