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1st Bingo Millionaire Win

A Bingo Millionaire has gotten created for the 4th time at a bingo site. Yesterday a bingo player who wishes to remain anonymous won £1,566,056.97 playing slot jackpot games at William Hill Bingo.

The new bingo millionaire, who wishes only to be known as “Simon,” won this massive prize playing the Clover Rollover Slot game. A spin on Clover Rollover cost him a mere pound, and when the reels came up with five clovers, he was “astounded”.

William Hill Bingo Millionaire

It is thought to be the biggest single slot jackpot payout ever made by a UK-based bingo site for an online slot win.

Clover Rollover Slot launched in March this year. It is the first time a player has won the main jackpot. The Clover Rollover Slot jackpot has grown steadily since its inception. The process will begin again; the Clover Rollover Slot jackpot gets reset to £100,000. Bingo players try their luck again, hoping to emulate the incredible win.

In a press release, “Simon” is quoted as saying.

“I’m actually quite speechless, it is a bit of a shock. But this amount of money means so much, it’s truly life-changing. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it all yet, just take a few deep breaths and have a think before I make any decisions.”

Whatever he decides to do, the win unquestionably is life-changing. These are economically uncertain times, with many people feeling hard-pressed by the global recession. Yet, here is one bingo player who will have complete freedom to pursue whatever avenue he wishes.

William Hill, a land-based gambling operator, was one of the first UK companies to identify and embrace the online bingo trend well before it became fashionable.

The popular UK Bingo site continues to expand its online bingo game range. In the last twelve months, William Hill has created three millionaires.

First, a man from Oxfordshire celebrated last Xmas with a £1.1 million progressive slot jackpot win. Soon after, a man called Fred Crags cleaned up with a tidy £1 million on a horse accumulator bet.

In May this year, a Sussex man hit a now-legendary winning streak on Roulette Games, which netted him £1.4 million.

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