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888Ladies Bingo Jackpots

888Ladies Bingo has gone wild with the range of bingo jackpot games it offers. There is cash on offer in these daily bingo jackpots. They’re saying they’ve gone crazy, and I honestly have no choice but to agree! Eight daily guaranteed bingo jackpot games on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

888Ladies Daily Bingo Jackpot Games

There are seven guaranteed jackpots on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. And this is not counting the progressive bingo jackpot games every day.

At 4 pm, play the £100 guaranteed jackpot game at 888Ladies Bingo. This one is on every day. Go to the Ladies’ First room for this 75-ball jackpot game. Bingo cards are 10 pence each.

At 7 pm, aim for the £300 guaranteed bingo jackpot. But wait, this one is free. Get free bingo cards up to 24 hours in advance. So don’t miss this 75-ball free bingo guaranteed jackpot game at 888Ladies all through the week.

888Ladies Bingo has one more guaranteed jackpot game scheduled at 7 pm. Play the £500 coverall bingo game with £50 guaranteed.

Play this 75-ball jackpot game in Studio 75; tickets are £1 each. Bingo in 50 calls or less to hit the £500 jackpot. The bingo jackpot decreases with every call above 50 to a minimum guaranteed £50. This jackpot bingo game is also on all through the week.

Guaranteed Bingo Jackpot Prizes

Play one more £100 guaranteed jackpot game at 8 pm. It is 90 ball bingo, and tickets are 10 pence each. Go to the Engaged Ladies bingo room at 888Ladies Bingo to play a guaranteed jackpot bingo game at 8 pm. This 90-ball £100 guaranteed jackpot game is on every day of the week.

At 9 pm, it’s time for the £1,000 90 Ball Coverall Jackpot with a minimum guaranteed cash prize of £100. Tickets are £1 each. If you Coverall in less than 50 calls, the £1,000 bingo jackpot is yours. This one is on throughout the week, every night at 9 pm.

Coverall Bingo Jackpot Games

Next up is the £5,000 Coverall Jackpot at 10 pm. Play 75 ball bingo at 25 pence a card and hit the bingo in 50 calls or less to scoop up that extravagant £5,000 pot. The most minor guaranteed prize in this bingo game is £150.

This incredible Coverall Jackpot is up for grabs on Mondays only. Play this game in the Ladies’ First room at 888 Ladies Bingo.

The £500 75 ball bingo coverall jackpot also plays at 10 pm. This one plays all week. Tickets are £1 each, with a minimum guaranteed prize of £50.

Online bingo players at 888Ladies Bingo can play a 90-ball £1,000 coverall jackpot game at 10 pm on Tuesdays for 50-pence tickets.

11 pm is the time for the £1,000 Coverall Jackpot every night at 888Ladies Bingo. This game has a £1 card and is a 75-ball bingo game.

Other bingo jackpots, 888Ladies Bingo, included an £8,888 Guaranteed Jackpot game every month on the last Friday. This one is also a 75-ball bingo game with £1 tickets.

If you thought that’s all, there’s also a Progressive jackpot every day of the week that you can play throughout the day. Also, check out the daily Guaranteed and Coverall Jackpots under the Guaranteed Jackpots tab under Promotions on the 888Ladies Bingo menu.

You’ve got to go to 888Ladies Bingo and play online bingo this June. There are just so many jackpots to be won.

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