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Banned from Saying Bingo

This headline must be one of the weirdest headlines ever. But it is true. A Judge in Kentucky in the United States has recently ordered that a teenager get banned from saying the word Bingo for six months.

The situation that brought about the ban is that most teenagers will consider it funny. However, I don’t think Bingo players would be that amused.

Arrested for Bingo Mayhem

According to reports, the teenager was walking past the Covington Bingo Hall when he decided it would be amusing to go in and shout the word “Bingo” while a game was in progress.

As you can imagine, chaos ensued as bingo players all thought they had lost. While the teenager might have thought that this was a funny prank to play, an off-duty bingo-playing police officer did not. He arrested the youth for causing alarm to bingo players.

Hauled before the law, the teenager had no defence, but he was lucky to have a sympathetic Judge. As a result, he has gotten banned from saying “bingo” for six months.

We would also have added the order to check his sense of amusement to ensure that it has progressed in the six months or faced an extra 6-month ban.

This particular Bingo story has received a lot of coverage in the media in the USA. Although it is a prank, we do wonder about the upbringing of this guy.

Who would find it amusing to play a silly prank like that? We are sympathetic towards the patrons of the bingo hall and wholly support the actions of the arresting officer.

Bingo Games In The USA

Bingo in the USA is a prevalent pastime with millions of players taking part in either land-based venues or online at present. The game of Bingo is also an essential part of Charity organizations that use the game to raise funds for various causes.

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