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Biggest National Bingo Game Win

Biggest National Bingo Game Win

National Bingo game players are abuzz over the world’s biggest bingo jackpot win; this comes after a Hamilton woman landed a 1.2 million pound bingo win at her local club.

Record National Bingo Jackpot Win

Hamilton mom Soraya Lowell called a full house while playing at the Club 3000 bingo hall in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, and won the National Bingo Game’s Platinum Jackpot. Lowell immediately said she would split her winnings with her bingo partner Agnes O’Neill. In a statement to the Daily Record, she said:

“We always share whatever either of us wins and this time will be no different.”

Soraya’s win of £1,167,795 tops the previous National Bingo Game prize record win of £ 1.1 million by Christine Bradfield last January.

It is troubling for land-based bingo clubs, with many patrons turning to online bingo games and online bingo halls as an alternative. The latest National Bingo win should boost an industry still reeling from a recently imposed smoking ban and double taxation. The news of the massive bingo win is also an enormous boost for the National Bingo game, as it has struggled recently.

The withdrawal of Gala Bingo from the National Bingo Game is a severe blow. Gala Bingo clubs are both numerous and very popular. However, the loss of the many venues that make up Gala Bingo means that a significant portion of the UK playing public no longer participates in the National Bingo Game.

How To Win The National Bingo Game Jackpot

As with all things bingo related, it is pretty simple. However, that does not mean it is easy. To win the National Bingo game, jackpot players must win their bingo club game. The win must be a full-house win. The aim is to win it in as few calls as possible. Once that is accomplished, results get fed into a database.

The bingo player with the least number of calls will win the National Prize. Take note that this is not yet the Jackpot win.

A player will only win the National Bingo game jackpot if their winning numbers get highlighted with a golden star on their bingo ticket. Once that is in place, a national bingo prize gets paid out. We congratulate Soraya on her massive bingo jackpot win and hope she and her bingo partner enjoy the proceeds.

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