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Bingo Fraudster Fined £1 Pound

Bingo Fraudster Fined £1 Pound
Bingo Fraudster Fined £1 Pound

A Bingo fraudster who managed to fritter away a reported £500,000 in stolen money at online bingo sites has been fined a massive £1 Pound. This particular con woman also received a 6-year jail sentence on top of this massive fine.

According to reports, Katrina Jones managed to spend £20,000 a day at bingo sites. Included among these bingo sites is Jackpot Joy. Just how she managed to spend £20,000 a month playing bingo is amazing.

This con woman managed to trick a large number of people out of their cash, this list includes businessmen and charities. She finally got daubed when a dog charity noticed a chunk missing in its accounts.

There does seem to be a speight of cases where fraudsters are playing online bingo games. This is the latest example of fraudulent money being used to play this most popular of games.

The question, therefore, needs to be asked, do online bingo sites need to do more when taking in this kind of cash from players?

It is very difficult for them to police just where a person’s funds come from. Can you imagine being asked by a bingo room if you are spending money, and where the funds came from?

This would result in a player swiftly departing and locating their gameplay to a different bingo site.

There is no chance of these companies being able to retrieve these funds from bingo companies either. That would be unfair on the bingo sites, if the bets had been won, these bingo companies would have to pay out to these players.

The fact of the matter is, where there is money involved, there is inevitably an unscrupulous person lurking in the background.

It does though seem that Online Bingo has rather a lot of this type of person making use of games. We certainly think that there must be much stiffer sentences involved. Perhaps this will deter this kind of fraudulent activity if people are fined and sentenced more severely.

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