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Bingo Millions Live in Canada

Bingo Millions is a new jackpot bingo game released in Manitoba, Canada. It is also a part of a suite of Supergames delivered by the respected Game Arts Studio, now available to Canadians living in the province. Currently, the games are only available to Manitobans in land-based venues.

What Are Bingo Millions

Bingo Millions By Game Art

Bingo Millions is a new 75-ball bingo game boasting a Million Dollar Jackpot. It is a Canadian Dollar Bingo game, only available in Manitoba. It has been licensed for play by Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries, and the Bingo Millions game and other Super Games are available in establishments licensed by MBLL.

What we did find odd is that Bingo Millions is not available online despite the MBLL having a link to an Online Gambling site. The site is PlayNow, and bingo games are available to play by residents of the province. It boasts a lot of slot games for those who enjoy bingo. Bingo games are networked with another province, British Columbia, and currently, 3 bingo rooms are available for play.

It seems odd that these SuperGames made available by Gaming Art via its Canadian distributor, Bet Rite, have not seen fit to make this game playable online. Perhaps there are plans to move this online. It seems a shame that Manitoban Bingo players have to go offline to play for a Million Dollar bingo jackpot.

Bingo Millions boasts 2 jackpots. The most prominent bingo jackpot available is a $1 Million jackpot. There is also a game called Bingo Millions Mini, which has a jackpot worth $100,000. So depending on how flush you are feeling, you can target a jackpot of a million or go for the mini worth a hundred grand.

Will Bingo Millions Be Available Online

Why this Gaming Arts Supergame is not available online can only be explained by its newness. We are seeking clarification as the Canadian Online Bingo market desperately requires an additional entertainment factor. As Gaming Arts currently creates games for Online Gambling, there should be no reason not to have the game available to online players.

We have reached out to Gaming Arts and will update this article with our findings should Gaming Arts decide to reply.

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