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Bingo Roulette

New Bingo Roulette Game

Bingo Roulette is not a new name in online bingo, but it is a new name to the Dragonfish bingo network! Check out the new 52-5 bingo game details here!

Bingo Roulette Review at Dragonfish Bingo

We’ve heard the name before, but despite the same moniker, this game plays slightly differently than the Tombola Bingo version.

Dragonfish Bingo Roulette launched on 26th March 2019 and, as the name suggests, is a hybrid of two popular games. We headed to Chit Chat Bingo to give the new 52-5 bingo game a spin.

Playing Bingo Roulette

You’ll find Bingo Roulette under the lobby’s main ‘Bingo’ tab. It’s between the Money Makers and the Daily Specials.

When you open the room for the first time, you will see the roulette wheel in the middle, the 52 red and black call board to the left of the screen and the playing card in the centre of the roulette wheel.

How The Game Plays

Eight Roulette cards show on the screen, each boasting three red and two black numbers or three black and two red numbers.

When a game is in play, the wheel spins, and like in a traditional game, where the white ball lands, that’s the number that’s called to replace the traditional bingo ticket.

Match all five numbers on any of the tickets that you have purchased, and you’ll be a Roulette winner.

When And Where to Play Bingo Roulette?

Currently, you can only play between 5 pm and 10 pm daily. However, like many new bingo variants that get introduced, we could see the opening times of the room extended if it proves popular with bingo players.

Bingo Ticket Prices – Good Value Bingo Games

Bingo Roulette ticket prices are set at just 5p each per game, but much like the opening hours, if this new offering is a hit, we could see brands like Chit Chat bingo offering higher ticket prices with improved pot prizes.

For each bingo roulette game, you can buy a minimum of one card or as many as 50, and the prizes at this point get guaranteed per game at between £2.05 and £2.50.

It’s great to see Dragonfish roll out something different to the players, and we’re excited to see what the following new bingo variant will be!

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