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The Bingo Tax Man Cometh

The Bingo Tax Man Cometh
The Bingo Tax Man Cometh

A lot has happened in the world of UK Bingo in the last few weeks, with a lot more scheduled to occur in the upcoming weeks.

Point of Bingo Consumption Tax

The implementation of the new Point of Consumption Tax means that many online bingo rooms are deciding whether they want to continue to run in the United Kingdom.

Indeed this new bingo tax will hit bingo players in the pocket in the form of reduced bonuses and prizes. In addition, it will see smaller bingo rooms forced to shut their doors with the new consumption tax biting into profits already small.

That does mean more prominent, more established brands will soon go on a marketing offensive. However, in the short term, it will mean bingo players who do not have accounts at the more famous, more established UK Bingo brands will still be able to pick up a few reasonable bingo bonus offers.

The long-term view, though, is a bit up in the air. No one knows how much this is going to impact bingo rooms. Online bingo is the most popular form of online gambling in the United Kingdom.

So far, we only know of 5 bingo rooms that have barred their doors to UK Bingo players to combine their UK Bingo players in a single venue.

The latest announcement by Giggle Bingo, who is part of the Fortune Lounge group, is an indication of things to come. The closure is simple, online bingo rooms wanting to take the play from UK bingo players have to apply for an operating license from the UK Gambling Commission.

Each online Bingo room needs to apply individually for a license, making it a costly affair for some operators.

The Online Bingo landscape is about to change dramatically, just as it did a few years ago when land-based bingo was taxed unfairly. However, the tables have now turned. Will land-based bingo operators extend the same support that Online Bingo Portals like ourselves showed these halls to Online Bingo rooms? Only time will tell if this will be the case.

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