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Bloom Bingo - Tombola Seasonal Bingo Game

Bloom Bingo Game

Tombola has launched a new seasonal bingo game called Bloom. It is much like the Winter Bingo game that has now fallen away, given that we are moving into spring. But, in the words of Tombola – the game is dedicated to Spring.

How to Play Bloom Bingo

To start the game, log into your Tombola account and select Bloom from the game launcher. Choose your stake from five options – 10p, 25p, 50p, £1, or £2 – and click confirm to purchase a ticket for the following game.

There is also a Bloom Chat Room if you want to have a natter or have any questions about the new themed spring bingo game.. Keep a watch out for the interactive features we’ve incorporated into the background.

Bloom Tickets & Prizes

Each Bloom Bingo ticket has fifteen plant markers numbered from 1 to 45. Make a note of the numbers as they emerge, revealing either a carrot or a floral symbol.

The player who obtains four carrots first wins the Carrot Prize. After winning the Carrot Award, it’s time to play for a Full House prize. The winner is the first individual to cross off all 15 numbers on their plant marker.

Complete all 15 numbers in less than 28 calls to win a jackpot of up to £1,000. As is the case with all Tombola bingo games, the progressive jackpot is never divided. If more than one bingo player manages to scratch off their numbers in the same number of calls, each Jackpot Winner will earn the full Jackpot sum.

Each game of Bloom Bingo offers two chances to win, as well as a jackpot of up to £1,000 that may be won in as few as 28 calls – giving you a better chance of winning at least some fabulous Sping Bingo prize money.

Bloom is a Limited Time game so get in there while you can and make sure those prizes bloom for you.

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