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Boost Bingo Petition Success

Bingo Taxes Reduced
Bingo Taxes Reduced

We have decided to add a paragraph to this article as the Boost Bingo Petition Campaign has succeeded.

The Tory Government (a bit bizarre) has reduced the taxes imposed by a Labour Government on land-based Bingo. It had the effect of strangling investment and the closure of many bingo halls in the United Kingdom.

Therefore, we have taken the liberty of changing the link below from the petition to the article covering the reduction in taxes.

The Boost Bingo campaign, which calls for a Bingo Tax rate cut, comes to a head this Wednesday with the handing over of a petition with over three hundred thousand signatures.

This Bingo Tax cut petition includes members of the public and sitting members of parliament. The appeal will be handed over to officials at HM Treasury in Westminster.

Of course, the Boost Bingo campaign is the movement that has called for the removal of unfair taxes on land-based bingo clubs around the United Kingdom.

If you did not know that Bingo Halls pay an extra 5% tax compared to all other forms of gambling, then you do now. It is a patently unfair additional tax on a form of entertainment that gets enjoyed by millions in the UK.

This increased tax level has led to the decimation of the game of Bingo via bingo halls in the United Kingdom. Communities get left without a social activity, and these bingo halls have been replaced with nothing apart from empty buildings. We are not taking a pop at any political parties, but the extra taxation came in under a Labour Government.

The current Coalition Government has dragged its heels, preferring to keep the Tax Revenues coming in and not heeding the Big Society calls that David Cameron made.

There is no reason for Bingo to be taxed at 20% when Horse Racing and Casino activities get taxed at 15%. It is a case of using the UK’s most popular form of entertainment, the game of Bingo, to generate extra taxation revenues.

Even though there are many signatures on the petition, there is still time to add to the number of people who support this campaign. You can do so online via the Boost Bingo Petition here.

Take the time (2 minutes at most) to stand and ask the Government for a bit of fairness.

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