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Buzz Bingo Changing Terms

Buzz Bingo has announced a change in its Terms & Conditions. You might not think this is interesting, but it is crucial if you are a Buzz Bingo player at either their online or land-based venues.

Buzz Bingo Online

What’s The Latest Buzz?

With all of the compliance and regulations around bingo, Buzz Bingo has announced changes to its self-exclusion policy. Self Exclusion is what players use these days to either restrict play or stop gameplay at a particular venue.

Buzz Bingo’s change is essentially a split between the online and land-based bingo businesses. Until now, if you self-excluded at either one, it would bar you from the other venue.

So if you excluded online, that would have also applied to the land-based Buzz clubs. That will no longer be the case as of the 1st of October 2019.

How to Self-Exclude from Buzz

As of the 1st of October 2019, if you want to self-exclude from the online bingo room, you can do this from the BuzzBingo.com site.

If you want to self-exclude from the land-based clubs, you can call Buzz customer services toll-free on 0808 169 1459. You can also visit clubs and talk to staff who will assist you. If you decide to exclude yourself before the 1st of October 2019, you will get barred from both venues.

Why The Self Exclusion Split

We think that this is a decent decision. The fact is that everyone has access to online games that includes bingo. You might want to reduce the amount of bingo you play online but continue to meet your mates down at the club. Buzz Bingo has now made it possible for this to be the case.

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