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Buzz Bingo Launches Live Bingo

The world of Online Bingo experiences a first. Live Bingo games are online, courtesy of Buzz Bingo. Yes, it’s the same Buzz Bingo you know from the High Street.

Live Bingo Games at Buzz Bingo Online

Live Bingo Games Online – The Details

The Live Bingo games kick off on Thursday, 29 September, which is the launch date for Live Bingo Online. There will be a Bingo Caller or presenter, as Buzz is calling it and numerous prizes. Live games will then run for the entire weekend. The presenter will respond to any typed messages, and you will be able to hear the response.

Live Bingo games online are a first, and Buzz Bingo is the first Online Bingo site to bring it to you. It is a monumental shift in how bingo players experience the game. We know how popular Live Casino games are; there should be no reason for the most popular game in the United Kingdom to be just as entertaining.

Live Bingo Games & Prizes

There is a full schedule of games coming up over the weekend. Check out the details of the Live games available. Players can also take advantage of the Sign-Up offer to play these Live games.

  • Thursday 29th September:            Launch Night, 3 x £1,000 Full House prizes
  • Friday 30th September:               Buzz’s 4th Birthday, 4 x £444 Full House prizes
  • Saturday 1st October:                    Saturday Night Live, 21 x £100 Full House prizes
  • Sunday 2 October: 80’s Night: Call bingo in the ’80s and win an extra £80

That’s not all Buzz has planned for these unique live bingo game sessions. There is a ton of additional features in the games. It makes it entertaining, and we love the format.

Extra Game Features

  • Bonus Board – Call a Full House on any number on the bonus board to win an extra £££.
  • Prize Wheel – Spin the wheel to reveal a guaranteed prize to be added to the Full House prize.
  • Magic Number – A random number is selected between 1-9. If Full House is claimed on that number, they win an extra prize.
  • Double Bubble – If Full House is called on a double number (e.g. 88), the player wins double the prize money.
  • Multiplier Wheel – Special prize wheel with an added multiplier (up to x6) to increase the Full House prize money.
  • Money Back – In the last night’s game, the player wins back all the money they staked in that day’s Live Bingo session.

Apart from being, as far as we know, a world first, these new live bingo games look entertaining, and hey, bingo is all about fun. So we will be participating in this new live game format.

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