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Cash Cubes Bingo Game

Cash Cubes Bingo is a new 36-ball bingo variant available to play at Virtue Fusion Bingo sites. As they now get called, the latest Bingo Variant is the newest Virtue Fusion innovation. It should find a decently sized bingo following.

Cash Cubes Bingo Features

The new Cash Cubes bingo game joins other Virtue Fusion Bingo variant games, including Lucky Numbers Bingo and Rainbow Riches Bingo. This new bingo variant is a 36-ball bingo game, which means bingo games will be over in a super quick time and interestingly, it also has a community bingo jackpot feature.

Instead of filling out a card with numbers, players need to complete a cube. There are 4 Cubes to finish in each bingo game. Fear not, as some of these cubes will have matching numbers. Playtech, who developed Virtue Fusion’s game, has added a few twists to each cube.

36 Ball Bingo Game

Bingo players can select differently priced cubes, just as getting a bingo ticket. For example, bingo players can pick cubes between 10 pence to a maximum cube price of £2.

The higher the value of the Bingo Cash Cube, the more significant value prizes there are, as well as the community jackpot. As we stated earlier, the Jackpot is a Community Jackpot with everyone getting a slice of the cube.

Community Bingo Jackpot

Triggering a Cash Cubes Jackpot means that all players playing the Cash Cube game when it starts will get rewarded with a portion of the Jackpot. As usual, bingo players can play the new Cash Cube Bingo game across all platforms. That means it is available to play on Desktops, laptops, Mobile and tablets.

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