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Cashcade Affiliates Closing

Bingo Affiliates last night received a most unwelcome email indicating that the Cashcade Affiliate program was shutting down.

In an email sent late in the evening, it advised affiliates to remove all Cashcade brands. This was followed by a warning that failure to comply would be a breach of contract, and action could follow.

Bingo Affiliate Programs Closure

Of course, Cashcade Affiliate brands include both Foxy Bingo and Cheeky Bingo. Do they expect webmasters to remove all content in a single day? Rather than being constructive, this email leads us to ask some questions.

What will happen with all players when the platform change occurs? Will commissions still be paid for these players, or are bingo affiliates expected to swallow this loss? What is the new platform, and when will it go live? We certainly hope, along with many other bingo marketers, that players will remain tagged to the originating affiliate. We hope this platform move is not simply a disguise for attempting to get out of paying affiliates.

Is Closure of the Program a Cost-Saving Measure

The jury is certainly out on this, and many bingo affiliates will watch how this matter proceeds. We do not intend to promote or market any Cashcade bingo brands until these fundamental questions have been answered.

Of course, all these brands are owned by GVC, which recently acquired Bwin Party. It will be interesting to see what kind of action they will take and what the response will be from the affiliate community.

If this turns out to be a player grab, it will be on a scale that the bingo affiliate industry has never seen before. Both Foxy Bingo and Cheeky Bingo have, in years past, been extremely popular and heavily promoted by bingo affiliates.

However, Cashcade Affiliates has never made our top bingo affiliate programs due to the many issues that seemed to have cropped up over the years. We are keen to see what platform they will be moving to and how bingo affiliates will be treated after this move.

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