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The Chancellor Goes Eyes Down

The Chancellor has gone Eyes Down at a Bingo Club in Wales. I am convinced George Osborne is targeting the bingo-playing community with a charm offensive. It is fair to say that the process is working. 

Tories Cut Bingo Taxes

Being the man who cut taxes on Bingo Halls by 10%, he is welcome to a bright, fun Eyes Down session now and then. Pubs and Bingo Halls are the order of the day. So it seems to the Tory Party.

Pushing the Beers and Bingo agenda is on the cards after the tax reductions. A resurgent pub and entertainment industry will rake in tax revenues, and the Tories might be looking to revive that part of the economy.

It does seem strange that the workers’ party, that is, Labour, had seen fit to raise taxation levels on the workers’ game. We are, of course, talking about bingo. Bingo has a long association with the working classes. However, Labour under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown almost taxed land-based bingo into extinction.

It is, therefore, ironic that the party of the toffs, as they get called, have come to the rescue of this most popular working-class pastime.

Tory BingoNomics

Bingo PLC companies like Rank and Mecca will now be able to invest in British Bingo Halls. That means jobs and “Big Society”, and all forms part of the Tory Party’s new policy. Just take a look at the Beers and Bingo Advert, and it tells all.

Whatever the case is, we hope he enjoyed playing and seeing a community bingo hall in action. Please give us your view on the matter on Google, Facebook or Pin It below.

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