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Church Bingo Foil Robbers

A humorous bingo story with a serious side to it is making the rounds in the land of bingo at the moment.

A Church Bingo game operated by volunteers that were taking place in New Hampshire was the target of a Father and Son robbery team.

Their logic for targeting the Church Bingo game was impeccable. First, there would be loads of cash. According to reports, there was $15,000 in cash, and there would only be church-going people.

According to reports, the Father and Son team have not yet perfected the art of robbery. They walked into the Church office and demanded that workers fill a lunch box with all the cash.

They set their handgun down whilst attempting to fill the lunch box. The gun then got grabbed by a volunteer who is said to have stated the following, “Mother (expletive), you’re mine now”.

I am not so sure that the Priest in the Church would have enjoyed that part. The Father in this bungling team then attempted to extricate themselves from this situation by claiming that he had a bomb strapped to himself. As a result, the Father and Son team were arrested by Police and is currently sitting in jail.

There are some severe issues that bingo players need to take into account. Whilst raising funds via Charity Bingo games is a great thing, the security of staff and players needs to get ensured. Where there is cash, there will undoubtedly be people willing to take it off anyone who has not secured that cash.

In addition, the bingo players at this particular Church are incredibly fortunate that they had some very bad robbers targeting them. If they had a competent team, they would undoubtedly be poorer, and someone might have gotten hurt.

It is a bit of a catch-22 situation, and we can only hope that this robbery team gets a Full House thrown at them by the law.

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