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Clover Rollover 2 Live

The announcement that Clover Rollover 2 Slot has released has, in our opinion, been a bit muted. The original Clover Rollover was once one of the most popular slot jackpot games on the Virtue Fusion/ Playtech Bingo network.

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What is New on Version 2 of Clover Rollover Slot

We checked out the new version of Clover Rollover at Buzz Bingo. The new Eyecon Slot has undergone a significant graphical improvement. As a result, the quality of the images and the new animations are of much better quality.

Some things that stay the same are the various themed game symbols, the Pot of Gold, Leprechauns Hat, and a four-leaf clover. The Pint of Black Ale remains too, but there is a lot more animation. This Eyecon Classic Slot was the first slot to pay from left to right and from right to left. The updated version is still the case, and players will be happy to know.

New Multi-Tier Jackpots

Clover Rollover 2 now boasts a multi-tier progressive slot jackpot. Whilst there was a single jackpot on the original, along with flat images, the new version boasts animated graphics and triple-tier prize pots.

We are in a bit of a quandary regarding the new jackpot structure. It comes with a Mini, Maxi and Mega Jackpot. What makes us a little nostalgic is that the original version in its heyday had a single jackpot that sometimes paid out in the millions. Many a Bingo Millionaire got created on this slot game.

The Jury is still out regarding the jackpot element in this game; popularity will, of course, determine the size of the prize pots.

Where to Find Clover Rollover 2

It is an Eyecon slot game, so you can soon expect to find it at any of your favourite bingo site venues. If you want to play it right now, that is September 2020. In the interim, you will need to play it at a Playtech Bingo site.

It is exclusive to the Playtech/Virtue Fusion Bingo network until September 2020. Once that period has elapsed, you can expect to see this popular Eyecon slot roll out to numerous UK Bingo sites.

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