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Clover Rollover Slot Review

Clover Rollover Slot is a 5-reel, five-pay line slot progressive slot jackpot game. The slot jackpot gets claimed when 5 Lucky Shamrock symbols appear on a pay line. It also only activates with a bet of £1 per pay line.

Clover Rollover 2 Slot Game
Clover Rollover 2 Slot

Where to Find Clover Rollover Slots

Clover Rollover Slot is available to play at all Virtue Fusion bingo sites. Play this jackpot slot game at any recommended Virtue Fusion Bingo sites. Additionally, all Clover Rollover sites offer exclusive bonuses & promotions on this Irish-themed slot game.

Clover Rollover Slot Details

The Clover progressive jackpot starts at a basic £100,000 in value; the progressive slot jackpot has been known to get above £5 Million in jackpot value.

It was the biggest and most popular slot jackpot game amongst  UK Bingo Slot players for quite some time. However, it has recently lost some of its gloss, which gets reflected in the prize pot. While it has surpassed the million-pound prize barrier in the past, Clover Rollover does not grow as rapidly as it once used to. It is due to increased competition and more slot jackpot variety that bingo players have now.

How To Hit the Clover Jackpot

Please note that the Clover Rollover jackpot can only get won with a £1 bet per line. Wagering to activate all five pay lines costs £5 per spin.

It is an essential factor as, without the correct wager, it is impossible to trigger the slot jackpot. Playing this jackpot slot and targeting the jackpot is more expensive than a lottery ticket. Still, statistical chances of winning are better on Clover Rollover than on the Lottery.

Clover Rollover Game Symbols

The famous Irish-themed progressive slot boasts simple, bright graphics, offering players good luck charms using symbols such as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, a Leprechaun’s Green Hat and a Lucky Shamrock.

Game symbols include other Irish caricatures, such as pint glasses of Guinness beer and a redheaded Irish maiden.

Virtue Fusion Bingo partner sites offer bingo players weekend promotions with 10% cashback of up to £100 in bonus funds when playing this slot machine. Clover Rollover Slots also do not pay out as often as they used to. It is speculative whether this is due to decreased play on it or Playtech now owns the brand.

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