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Contacting EyesDown Bingo
Contacting EyesDown

Suppose you would like to contact the team at Eyes Down Bingo for any bingo-related reason. Please make use of the details below. An email regarding Link or other unrelated services will be deleted immediately.

What Contact Responses do we respond to?

We are a bingo site and prefer to concentrate on delivering the best in Bingo to Eyesdown Bingo members. Therefore, we talk to bingo players and bingo sites. As per above, we are not interested in speaking to those who are after links & offering SEO services.

Contact email addresses related to the site are as per below.

Site manager:
Greg Gomes  – webmaster  (at) eyesdownbingo.com

Advertising / Sales Manager:
Greg Gomes – webmaster(at)eyesdownbingo.com

Bingo Bonuses Manager:
Michelle Pinion – webmaster(at)eyesdownbingo.com

Contributors and Authors:
Michelle Pinion and Greg Gomes – info(at)eyesdownbingo.com

Suppose you would like to know more about the team at Eyesdown, then it’s the About Us page you want to visit. About Us is a look at why we created Eyesdown Bingo. Bingo Affiliates and marketers will be interested in our bingo affiliate news area. We list all of the best affiliate programs and news from bingo marketing.

You can also visit the Eyesdown Bingo sitemap for a listing of all our essential and informative bingo pages here.

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