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Cozy Partners

Cozy Partners is a bingo affiliate program that promotes many Cozy Bingo Powered sites. Cozy Bingo got taken over by GVC which means most online bingo marketers will treat brands with caution. Cozy Bingo sites include the likes of Mummies Bingo, Lucky Ladies Bingo and Mr Green Bingo.

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Cozy Partners joined a competitive industry in a rather curious way. The bingo affiliate program migrated existing bingo affiliates from a number of bingo affiliate sites into their program.

This took place without sending out a single notice about the impending move or log in details. This tactic does raise some red flags, any migration will cause issues, and conducting multiple migrations with not a single notice to affiliates is not a very good thing to do in our opinion.

We came across Cozy Partners when trying to log into one of our existing bingo affiliate sites, it asked us to make contact with Cozy Partners via an email address. We did this and the results of this contact are almost too comical to be believed.

Follow our exchange with the Cozy Partners Representative below.

How Not To Inspire Bingo Affiliates

Our initial email read as follows

Apparently i now have a migrated account for Bingo Affiliate programs that i belong to at Cozy Partner.I have a few questions.

  1. Why did the Bingo Affiliate Programs not advise re this migration?
  2. Is it even legal to simply open up an Affiliate Account for partners.
  3. If this account was opened up, why have we not been emailed the details of the log ins for Cozy Partners.
  4. Can you supply a list of Bingo Rooms that have been migrated to Cozy Partners.
  5. Can you send me my log ins for Cozy Partners.
  6. Why were these rooms migrated to Cozy Partners.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please let me know if you have any questions.

We got the following response.

We are pleased to inform you that we have migrated to the new affiliate platform – CozyPartners! With the new platform, you will be able to access all your accounts with a single login

Login details:
Url – www.cozypartners.com

Username – This email address
Password –  Please reset the password using the below link

All your trackers, earnings and balances from the old system have been migrated. Please Note: You will need to update your trackers with new banner code from the marketing tools section.

Please plan to finish this activity in the next 48 hours. Post that the old banners may not be visible on your websites. Do let us know if you have problems accessing your account. I will get them fixed at the earliest.

Cozy Partners Is Disastrous

The Cozy Partners representative could not be bothered to answer a single one of our queries.

We sent a follow-up email to Cozy Partners advising them that we would be covering the launch of the Cozy Partner Bingo Affiliate program. 

That was one of the reasons for all the questions. We indicated that perhaps he had not noticed our questions on the earlier mail so resent it with the queries numbered.

Cozy Partners Issues

So far a reply has not been forthcoming and we think for a very good reason. Cozy Partners have in our opinion migrated bingo affiliate data in the worst possible way. Our reasons for stating this are as follows.

  1. They have not provided any warning to Bingo Affiliates of an impending migration
  2. They do not have all Bingo Affiliate Programs migrated into the Cozy Partner Program and no explanation is forthcoming.
  3. They cannot be bothered to answer simple questions re the program – is this because they are hiding issues in the migration?

If they are not technically able to perform a migration correctly or answer a few simple questions, how can Cozy Partners be trusted with your Bingo traffic? That is the last remaining question we have re Cozy Partners.

This is a message to Cozy Partners

There are a lot of quality bingo rooms with top-notch bingo affiliate programs, your bingo affiliate program is easily avoided.

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