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Deal or No Deal Slots Jackpot

Deal or No Deal Slots has a massive £1.5 million progressive slot jackpot. This popular slot game is based on a TV show, so the Banker might offer you a deal even before you spin a reel.

Deal or No Deal Features & Wins

The Deal or No Deal Slots jackpot paid a whopping £1.4 million prize last August to a lucky UK slot player. So you could be next in line to win significant cash on the slot game. That is the nature of these progressive slot jackpots.

Deal or No Deal slots is a 5 Reel 20 pay line slot machine with a progressive jackpot. The minimum bet amount is 5 pence per spin, and the largest bet is £4. There are some excellent bonus round game features, and the wild symbol is the Deal or No Deal Red box.

Deal or No Deal Bonus Rounds

The first of the Deal or No Deal Bonus rounds is The Reel Banker bonus, which rewards players with free spins and a doubling of win amounts.

The second bonus round is the appropriately named The Bankers Best Offer. It is the round that the Banker makes a cash offer which can either be accepted or rejected. The Deal or No Deal Progressive slot jackpot can only be won when all 20 pay lines of the game are played.

The progressive slot jackpot is a 3-level one, and the payout of jackpot prizes gets determined by the amount that gets wagered—the larger the wager, the more significant the prize payout. So the best site to play the Deal or No Deal slot game is down to personal choice. Many UK Slot and Bingo venues host the Deal or No Deal slot game.

We have a selected range of Playtech Bingo sites as they have a range of entertaining slot games and instant jackpot prizes plus, they are based in the UK and run a massive variety of bingo games. To play Deal or No Deal Slots, click on any of the Deal or No Deal recommended sites above and start with a large bonus to take on the Deal or No Deal Banker.

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