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Delta Bingo Player Wins 100k

A lucky Ontario Bingo player has won a $100,000 jackpot playing at the Delta Bingo Online site. The player from Niagra won this significant amount by playing a bingo jackpot game at the only legal bingo site in Ontario.

The Winning Ticket

Delta Bingo Online as we pointed out is currently the only specialist online bingo site offering legal bingo games to Ontario residents. Delta Bingo is of course also a land-based chain of bingo halls.

According to Delta Bingo, the fortunate Niagra resident won the jackpot when participating in a bingo jackpot game that was part of a bingo series with total prize money of $200,000 on offer.

The winner hit the jackpot on August 5th when the special game took place. It happened in a 75-ball bingo room and the player was the only participant to hit a full house.

At present Delta Bingo states that the winner has chosen to remain anonymous and they have not announced any plans for their winnings.

Ontario Is Tax Free on Gambling Wins

Winnings in Ontario from gambling are tax-free. So if you manage a significant win like this, and you are from the province of Ontario, it is a truly life-changing amount to win for most people.

As is the case with most online bingo sites, Delta Bingo Online offers a wide range of games including 75 ball, 90 ball and online slot games.

As the sole provider of online bingo games in Ontario at present, they are managing to provide some great entertainment along with some excellent payouts.

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