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Free Facebook Bingo Games

Free Facebook Bingo Games have a new destination, even if it is the most used social media site. That is right; Facebook has yet another Social Bingo game to play. The best is that it is free for users to play Blitz Bingo.

Free Facebook Bingo Games

Bingo Blitz is a free Facebook Bingo app that plays directly from a Facebook account. Join Blitz Bingo, ensure your Facebook account is open and type in Bingo Blitz. It’s also available as an Android and IOS app if you don’t want to play on Facebook.

Play Free Facebook Bingo Games

One of the best things about Free Social Bingo is USA Bingo players can take part. It is legal for them to play bingo at the venue. Bingo Blitz is a part of the Playtika Ltd group that supplies a vast range of Casino Games to social media users.

This means that Bingo players will have the best possible bingo game technology at their disposal, as well as the safety and security that comes from being associated with a company licensed and regulated by the laws of the United States of America.

Social Bingo Games Here to Stay

Free Facebook Bingo games are here to stay; if that is your chosen entertainment, we highly recommend Bingo Blitz. New players at Bingo Blitz get 1,000,000 free chips to start playing with and a host of side games, including the best Slot games to play as an extra entertainment bonus.

Players get to the Bingo Blitz page when installing the Bingo app. As soon as it installs, the bingo page will come up. Bingo players will then be able to make a host of changes, including the theme of their bingo room.

Bingo gameplay is fast, so we recommend choosing the auto-daub feature if purchasing more than one bingo card. Note that bingo players can set the speed of bingo games. We set ours to normal from fast, and that was a bit slow for us.

In this impressive Facebook Bingo game, players can choose from a theme and a bingo card and even have two selections of dabber available. The Game Finder option allows for a variety of choices for bingo players as well.

The range of choices and games is impressive; the best is that it comes free. We highly recommend Bingo Blitz for a bit of light entertainment.

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