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Do the French Play Bingo

We have asked ourselves if the French play bingo games. Does France enjoy the same relationship people have with the great numbers game in the United Kingdom?

French Bingo

The French enjoy a good game of Rugby and have been World Champions in Football. These games are very British, and the French have taken to them. On the other hand, they never seem to have taken to the game of Cricket. So why would Bingo not be a part of the cultural exchange?

French Land-Based & Online Bingo Rooms

French players enjoy Lottery Games and have had success in the EuroMillion Lottery game, but they are not as passionate about Bingo as the British are. An Internet search reveals little. Instead, it shows some online bingo sites trying to attract French Bingo players to an English Bingo room.

France is a regulated gambling environment. That means anyone who wants to cater to French players must be licensed. Before Gambling legislation, France had both a booming Poker and Casino scene. However, sports Book venues remain the most popular option for French players.

Just why Bingo has not made a breakthrough in France is a mystery. It is supposedly the game of the working class. France is all about that. Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité (Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity) is the official motto of the French Republic.

You would have thought that the game of Bingo would find a ready-made following. Again we conducted a cursory search for the term “salle de bingo Paris” on Google.fr.

It revealed a few online sites and some particularly exquisite restaurants in Paris. There was not a single land-based Bingo Hall on the entire search page. Admittedly our French is not that good; we would have expected, though, to be able to find at least a single venue. The only regulated Online Bingo we saw was a Unibet Bingo page.

Unibet has, of course, recently purchased the Bingo.com domain name. They also provide Casino games, Sports betting and Poker games in France. Unfortunately, there is no single land-based bingo hall in Europe’s 2nd or 3rd largest population. Perhaps this would be an opportunity for the likes of Rank, who run Mecca Bingo Halls.

We would be delighted to hear from any French Bingo Halls if we are incorrect in our assessment. France, it appears, does not have a love affair with Bingo. Let’s see if we can change that.

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