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Gala Mobile Bingo Launches

Gala Bingo has announced the arrival of Gala Mobile Bingo. The new mobile bingo games service will be hugely popular with bingo players the length and breadth of the Misty Isles.

Gala Bingo Mobile Launches

The reason is simple, everyone and their nan seem to be attached to mobile phones these days. As a result, Gala Bingo has recently undergone massive changes. They have moved from their bingo software to Virtue Fusion Bingo software. Gala Bingo has also launched a mobile bingo service as part of the change.

Can Existing Gala Players Use Mobile?

Existing Gala Bingo players can play the Mobile bingo games with the exact account details to log into their Gala bingo account. All that needs to be done is download the Gala Mobile Bingo App.

Gala Bingo has provided us with a humorous insight from an existing Gala bingo player’s experience in the new Mobile Bingo games app. The Gala Bingo player who hails from Kingston wrote the following to describe the ease of use of the mobile bingo games app on the Gala Bingo Facebook page.

  1. Log in to GalaBingo.com on your phone
  2. Choose your fave room (Jo’s is Castle)
  3. Say, “Hello, everyone.”
  4. Get your bingo tickets.
  5. Make sure the volume on your mobile is turned WELL UP!
  6. Stick your phone securely in your BRA!
  7. Proceed to wash up, clean the toilet, make dinner, and listen to the game.
  8. Remember to take a peek when you hear it flashing!
  9. Remove the phone from the bra at the end of the game – then buy more tickets!
  10. Repeat from Step 6

There are many new rooms and a fantastic choice of games to play in the new Gala Bingo Mobile area.

To connect to the new Gala Mobile Bingo service, simply click on the Play Now link above and experience the joys of Mobile Bingo games.

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