Giddy Up Bingo To Launch

Playtech, a London-listed gaming technology supplier, has collaborated with Betfred to launch Giddy Up Bingo, a horse racing-themed Bingo variant.

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Giddy Up Bingo allows players to select one of four horses, each representing a different ticket price, with prizes increasing in proportion to the stake. Numbered horses and jockeys replace traditional bingo balls in the game, with horses galloping off-screen as the numbers get called. There is also one progressive community jackpot in the game.

“Our development team has done an incredible job with Giddy Up Bingo, and we’re thrilled to have partnered with Betfred to bring it exclusively to their players,” said Angus Nisbet, Playtech’s director of digital Bingo. “The in-game animation creates the effect of the horses racing as the numbers get called, giving it great visual appeal. The game can attract both newcomers and more experienced players, with a choice of four stakes.” With horse racing season in full swing, it’s no surprise that Giddy Up Bingo has received such a strong early response – but we’re confident that this is a bingo variant players will enjoy all year.”

“We’re very proud to offer Giddy Up Bingo as an exclusive, and there has been a very positive player reaction to its launch,” Betfred Bingo manager Joni Keelings added. Giddy Up Bingo is visually appealing and offers a variety of gameplay options – exactly what we look for in an exclusive variant. Working closely with Playtech to deliver something unique for our players adds a lot of value to our partnership, and we’re very pleased with the results.”

Time will tell if this is a success. We think that most bingo players avoid the Nags and are playing Bingo as they are not that interested in the horse races. It is, though, a chance that BetFred is prepared to take and a bit of differentiation in the world of Bingo.

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