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Goodbye Old Bingo Favourites

It was the beginning of the end for many Cashcade brands when PartyGaming acquired the company and then later by GVC Holdings.

This is because the team behind Cashcade had a passion for their product, but this got lost in the sale, and as such, all of the bingo brands became much of a muchness.

Throw into the mix that when GVC Holdings got hold of the brands, they stopped using marketing partners, and many of the brands from Cashcade weren’t getting the advertising and marketing they once were.

It was ok for Foxy Bingo, which has built an impressive player base through excellent marketing and advertising on television, but for other brands, it was the beginning of the end.

Cashcade Brands Closing

In December of last year, several Cashcade Bingo brands closed to players and these included:

  • Female Bingo
  • Top Ten Bingo
  • Bingo Broadway
  • Little Big Bingo

On 31st August 2018, the following bingo brands are also closing:

  • Bingo Scotland
  • ITV Bingo
  • Telly Talk Bingo

So that leaves just the following Cashcade bingo brands still up and running:

  • Think Bingo
  • Foxy Bingo
  • Rollover Bingo
  • Cheeky Bingo

Cozy Games – Electraworks Bingo Powered Sites

But, we recently received an email telling us that on 3rd September 2018, the 888 Group would no longer be the operator for Think Bingo.

Operations and marketing for this brand are moving to Electraworks Ltd, which currently promotes predominantly Cozy Games brands!

Are we set to see Think Bingo move to new bingo software?

Other 888-powered sites under Electraworks are Foxy Bingo, Cheeky Bingo and Get Minted Bingo. Are these set to make a move too? We won’t know specifics until 3rd September when operations are set to move from 888 to Electraworks, and we’ll be there to see accurately what this means for bingo players.

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