Grease 2 Slot Live

Grease 2 Slots
Grease 2 Slot Live

The new Grease 2 slot game is live. The only place to play the latest slot game is Daub Bingo Rooms. If you did not know, the games are exclusive to Kitty Bingo and Lucky Pants Bingo.

The original Grease Slot game proved a hit with bingo players at Daub Bingo rooms. The updated version will attract those same players, plus add more followers to the already expanding Grease Slots entourage.

What Are The Differences?

The main difference between the original Grease Slot game and the new version is graphical. The graphics are better on the more recent version, with images of all the original movie cast members, including John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

Both versions of the game are 25 pay line 5 reel slot games; both have access to the four levels progressive slot jackpot.

Both Grease Slot games feature bonus rounds and free spins as a slot game feature. Current Grease Slot players should enjoy the new version as it is so similar. The Grease Slot genre has proven popular with bingo players for various reasons, including affordability.

Players can wager 1 penny per line, which means that the smallest spend would be 25 pence to cover all pay-lines on a single spin. It also allows players to hit four tiers of the progressive jackpot in the game, which is the theme named. The jackpot levels are as follows :

  • Rydell High Jackpot
  • T-Birds Jackpot
  • Pink Ladies Jackpot
  • Greased Lightning Jackpot

The Greased Lightning jackpot tier is the top paying jackpot for Grease Slots. So, for an afternoon of fun and music, while playing bingo, we recommend taking a spin in the new Grease 2 slot game. Who knows, it could even be electrifying.

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