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Iceland Bingo Player Wins £3 Million

An Iceland Bingo player has won a massive £3.4 Million jackpot on the Millionaire Genie Slot game. This fantastic online slot win happened at the UK Bingo site within the last few days. Iceland Bingo is, of course, a part of the Dragonfish Bingo network.

Iceland Bingo Millionaire

The winning bingo player is a single mum who hails from Yorkshire. She placed a 15-pence bet on the Millionaire Genie Slot game and promptly won the 2nd largest slot jackpot of all time in the UK. Iceland Bingo is lucky as this is a networked progressive slot jackpot, which means the bingo room does not have to pay out the winners’ prize money themselves.

The prize money has accumulated from earlier plays on Millionaire Genie and gets paid to the bingo player via Dragonfish, the bingo software provider for Iceland Bingo. We admit that we were sceptical about Iceland Bingo in the past. But then, we thought it was just another attempt by a UK brand to cash in on players’ love for bingo games.

We are happy to state that we have been proven incorrect. In the last six months, Iceland Bingo has provided considerable entertainment and useable bonuses to bingo players in the United Kingdom.

From Horsemeat to Bingo Accolades

Iceland Bingo has also won several bingo accolades in the last few months. Moving back to the lucky bingo player, she had the following to say:

“I couldn’t believe it when it said I’d won, I had to call my mum to ask her to log on for me so I could make sure I wasn’t imagining the whole thing!”

According to reports, the lucky West Yorkshire lass is planning to continue working, although a house change and driving lessons got scheduled for the immediate future. She is tired of catching buses, and who can blame her?

After the 2nd biggest bingo win in the United Kingdom, all that gets left for us is to eat humble pie regarding Iceland Bingo. We only hope that there is no horse meat in this pie.

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