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Irish Woman Wins Twice on EuroMillions

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In recent times, Irish Lottery players have had a remarkable run of fortune on the EuroMillion Lottery game.

Irish Lottery Winner Mistakes

Last week we had an Irish man from Munster winning €12 Million after incorrectly selecting the number 32. This week we have an Irish woman mistakenly buying the same lottery ticket twice and claiming a win.

This lucky Irish Lottery playing woman from Co Wicklow had chosen a fantastic week to make this lottery mistake as she has doubled her prize winnings to win a total of €119,000.

Irish Lottery officials at first thought there were two separate winners as they can tell if a win has come from one ticket or two.

It then emerged that the win worth €59,000 per ticket got won by a single lottery player who purchased two lottery tickets with the same numbers.

The lucky lady matched five numbers and one lucky star to win this prize amount. Luckily for her, she purchased lottery tickets again after she had forgotten about the original lottery ticket purchase.

Double Down On Lottery Numbers

We have read about a player winning twice before; however, that is by design. Lottery players are superstitious, and there have been significant wins doubled as some lottery players will buy the same numbers twice.

In the United States, a player recently won a fortune in a multi-state lottery game after he doubled up on his win by purchasing multiple lottery tickets with the same numbers.

Asked about his win, he stated that he had played the lottery and followed this lotto strategy for well over ten years. To view all the biggest lottery jackpot games, visit any related article links below.

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