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Dragonfish Bingo Bonus Changes

At the beginning of March 2015, we were made aware of changes to all the Dragonfish Bingo Bonuses available online.

Notification of the changes is viewed when visiting any of the sites on the Dragonfish network. After all, there is nothing like a massive pop-up to make sure bingo players know something has changed, right?

However, whilst Dragonfish as a business will have you believe that it is for the greater good, that is a matter of opinion and for this writer. Our opinion is that these changes are a way of recouping the Point of Consumption tax that 888 Holdings now have to pay.

Reload Bonus Changes at Dragonfish

We have seen many changes around the free bingo offering from Dragonfish Bingo sites, and not so long ago, a reduction in bonuses offered by bingo sites.

Once it was a 25% reload on deposits of £10 and 50% on those of £20 or more, it was reduced a few months back to between 10% and 20% depending on loyalty level.

Now Dragonfish Bingo players don’t get a penny on reloads, just a cashback bonus each month whose value gets determined by loyalty level.

Free Bingo Games Change

Free bingo games that were once offered (until September 2011) came in the form of a 1,000 loyalty point bonus (exchanged it had a value of £1 in bonus funds) at the point of registration.

It got dropped favouring a free bingo room, Free Bingo All, that was open to everyone who registered with any Dragonfish Bingo Site.

The Free Bingo room offered 90 ball games every eight minutes with £1 jackpots and was open daily from 7 am until 7 pm. Other free rooms opened up to players as their loyalty levels improved.

Dragonfish Free Bingo Situation Now

For new players now, there is a smidgen of free bingo available,72 hours worth from the point of registration, to be exact. The room has been renamed Quids In but is open from 9 am until 6 pm. However, while the opening hours have been reduced, bingo games play the same way.

Within 72 hours from registration, access to the Quids In the room is only gained if you have deposited with them in the last seven days.

The other free bingo rooms once available when your loyalty level increased at Dragonfish sites are now accessible only when you have made a single deposit of a specific value, depending on which room you wish to enter.

Full details can get found at any of the Dragonfish Bingo sites. The changes certainly aren’t bingo player-friendly, but we’re sure they’ll impact the Dragonfish bottom line! Let us know what you think about these changes.

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