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Jackpot Joy Sold to Intertain

Jackpot Joy Sold

That truly unique British Games institution, Jackpot Joy, has gotten sold to a Canadian Games company. If it is good enough for the National Lottery, we suppose it should be good enough for Jackpot Joy.

Canadian Gambling Buy Ups

The National Lottery gets managed by a group that Canadian Investors own. We can now add Jackpot Joy and various Casino and Slot products. Does that mean Babs is the Queen of Canadian Bingo?

In an earlier article, we went over that Intertain, which looks pretty well-funded, was looking to acquire gaming products around the Billion Canadian Dollar mark. Unfortunately, that left very few Bingo and Slots operators around that command that type of fee. Therefore, Jackpot Joy popped up on our radar, so it has proven to be.

Jackpot Joy Sale Price

According to reports, Intertain has purchased Jackpot Joy for eight hundred and thirteen million Canadian dollars. That is a lot of zeroes in a bank account. However, for those who do not deal in Canadian dollars, it essentially means that a payment of £425 Million will pass hands for this gaming site.

Also, a further £15 Million is payable depending on targets met, and shares will get allocated to the Intertain Group. Intertain has now purchased Jackpot Joy and Costa Bingo, making them a force to deal with in the UK Bingo industry.

What will be a test of the new Jackpot Joy owning companies’ mettle will be its ability to gain and increase player value over their lifetime. Publicly traded gambling companies have fared poorly in recent years in this regard. One does not have to look too far to see examples of falling share prices and restructuring.

On the other hand, the UK Online Bingo market is a regulated and maturing scene. So it is a boon to those who would invest in these ventures. That, however, is another kind of gamble entirely.

It is not yet clear what will happen to Gamesys, the controlling company and developer of Jackpot Joy Games. At present, it appears to be the case that the company that makes the games has not been included in the deal to sell off Jackpot Joy.

What this means for UK Bingo Players

There will be fewer choices and less competition for Bingo players. As a result, there is sure to be a consolidation of bingo bonuses and promotions, in our opinion. UK Bingo players are fortunate, though. We say this as even if the above does occur, the UK Bingo scene is an ultra-competitive market.

Others will take an opportunity to launch bingo bonuses and offers that please bingo players. For example, does anyone care for some Maple syrup with their Online Bingo games this morning?

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