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Live Bingo Online is a new option where Online Bingo sites stream live bingo directly to player devices. Live Bingo games used to take place in a Bingo Hall, your device now becomes a mobile bingo hall.

Live Bingo Online - Streamed Bingo Games

Live Bingo Game Sites

Why Play Live Games

Live Bingo Online works in the same manner that a traditional bingo hall operates. It is still a new feature with few live bingo operators. It includes bingo machines that allow bingo balls to be drawn. The only difference is these bingo games get streamed to your device and therefore can be deemed as Live Bingo games.

Live Bingo offers players a more social interactive experience as there is always a Live Host who announces numbers. Just as with Online Bingo, there is a choice of games and we expect the options of games to grow as this form of bingo becomes more popular.

As it is a Live Game there will often be a schedule of games. That means streamed bingo games might not be available all the time. There will though always be a schedule of streamed live games in particular rooms available to select from.

Live Bingo FAQs

The criteria for listing the Live sites has been made easier simply because there are so few of them at present. We anticipate from watching industry trends that additional Live rooms will become available in due course.

A prominent Live operator in the Italian market has recently obtained a UKGC License to launch a Live Bingo site specifically. At present our top choice for live bingo is Buzz Bingo. Simply because they were the first and really do try to create a Buzz in all that they do online.

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