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Lock Your Limits with Tombola Bingo

Lock your limits are a brand new feature at Tombola Bingo, which will enable you to stay firmly in control of your spending, and you can now get a free £1 bonus for locking your limits.

Tombola Bingo

Responsible Gambling The Tombola Way

All Online Bingo Sites should promote responsible gambling. Still, Tombola is the first site to run a promotion to aid Tombola Bingo members to stay in control.

Tombola released the following statement.

We want you to have fun when you’re playing on Tombola, but it is also extremely important to us that you are in control of what you’re spending. With this in mind we’ve created the following help sections which will provide you with help and advice on things such as; set your own weekly/daily deposit limits, stop playing temporarily or simply seek advice. Whatever your query, let us help you.


It is very simple to set your deposit limit with Tombola and get a free £1 bonus, which will instantly be added to your account.

Tombola Deposit Limits

In the Lock your Limit’ section, you can set the maximum amount you would like to deposit in either a week or a day.

New! Lock your limits.

They have introduced’ Lock your limits’ to give you more control over your spending. This allows you to lock your deposit limits for a set period.

Once you’ve locked your limits, you can still lower them at any time, but you cannot increase them until the lock period has ended. You can lock your limit between £10 and £500 per day or week.

Please note: A week runs from midnight on Monday to 23:59:59 on the following Sunday. A day runs from midnight to midnight.

Tombola also goes one step further in the responsible gaming stakes, as they already have a site maximum of £500.00 per week, which applies to everyone.

No players can deposit more than £500 in any given week at Tombola. They are the only brand that has taken this kind of stance, and it is great to see.

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