Lucky Grease Slot Player

Lucky Pants Bingo seems to have all the moves for Grease Slot games. Boasting three different versions of Grease Slots, Lucky Pants Bingo players are raking it in at Heartbreak High.

Lucky Pants Bingo player J.P experienced a run of fortune on the Danny & Sandy version of the Grease Slot game. This lucky bingo player picked up a £9,197.50 payday online win on the slot game.

J.P began her Grease Slot session with a £1.75 wager and immediately hit a 5-of-a-kind symbol win. These line wins paid out a £1,515 win. Further wins totalled the amounts of £1,105 and £1,000.

J.P continued playing and hit more features and bonus rounds on the Danny & Sandy Grease Slot. Finally, She hit the Dance Bonus and a Free Spins round which rewarded her most significant win. Three Drive-In Symbols triggered a Free Spins Bonus round which rewarded her with a £2,187.50 win taking her total Grease Slot win to £9,197.50.

Of all the Grease Slot games, Danny & Sandy Grease Slot is the only version not to have a progressive slot jackpot. The other two Grease Slot games boast a networked progressive jackpot. The two remaining games in the series are grease Slots and Grease T Bird Slots.

The Grease Slot Progressive Jackpot on the games is a 4 tier jackpot. All four jackpot levels are Grease-themed and are all valued at different prize amounts. It does seem a strange decision by Daub Bingo not to have a progressive slot jackpot associated with the latest version of their series of Grease Slot games. However, we do hope they rectify this.

The Danny and Sandy Grease Slot versions are one of the most entertaining slot games found at Lucky Pants Bingo. Although Grease Slot games are not unique, these three slot game versions are exclusive to Daub Bingo sites.

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