Lucky Numbers Bingo

Lucky Numbers Bingo is the latest bingo game attraction atVirtue Fusion Bingo. A new bingo room has opened with this new variation on 90 ball bingo games at the popular bingo site. This new bingo game will have bingo players streaming in to find out about it, not to mention trying out other new bingo games.

What is Lucky Numbers Bingo?

Lucky Numbers is an Irish themed 90 ball bingo game; bingo players choose three lucky numbers when selecting bingo tickets.

If another bingo player wins a line or a full house on one of the chosen numbers, the player who selects these will also win a cash jackpot.

Lucky Numbers adds a good helping of extra excitement and fun to regular 90 ball bingo games at Bingo sites.

How to Win a Bingo Prize

Depending on how many chosen numbers they have matched, players can win three different jackpot prizes playing on this bingo variation.

Match 1 number to win a bronze jackpot of £1.50, match two numbers to hit the silver jackpot worth £20. If you can reach all three lucky numbers, you win the Super Gold jackpot, worth a massive £500.

A minimum of 6 bingo tickets must get purchased to play this bingo variation numbers game. Choose any three numbers from 1 to 90 when buying bingo tickets.

New variations of online bingo games are always welcome. Lucky Numbers promises to offer entertainment and a chance to win extra prize money at no additional cost.

Where to Find It

Join a Virtue Fusion Bingo site to play it and other online bingo games. Lucky Numbers is available at all Virtue Fusion Bingo rooms. However, we have chosen to highlight the game at Buzz Bingo. It is, in our opinion, one of the best bingo rooms available to players in the United Kingdom.

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