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Mecca Bingo
Meccarena Bingo

Mecca Bingo seems to have gone all Disco on us, bingo players, at the beginning of 2018.

How many times have you been at a party and found yourself up on the dance floor when you’ve heard the first bars of the Macarena?

Mecca Bingo Advert Turns Heads

For us, the answer is quite often, so when the new Mecca Bingo advert came on in the commercial break of a show recently, we were ready to bust some moves!

Over the years, we have seen the good, the bad and the OMG! What was that? Of television advertising but the new Mecca Bingo advert is quite good.

Commercial breaks usually are when you will turn to chat with a partner, look at your phone, or go and make a cup of tea, so an advert needs to grab the viewers’ attention for it to get watched.

The Mecca Bingo advert certainly did that for us but is that because we are of a certain age? Of course, our heads were turned the tune started, but we remember the original theme from Los Del Rio that was launched in 1983 when we were teenagers.

We liked the advert because of the parody of the original song, a satire that fits for Mecca Bingo and, of course, the slight change in the title from Macarena to Meccarena.

The song for the Mecca Bingo advert goes

Need one number
Do the Meccarena
Palms all sweaty
Do the Meccarena
Hoping for a win
Do the Meccarena
Hey Meccarena

Mecca Bingo Bust Some Moves

As well as featuring the famous party dance tune, the Mecca Bingo advert features the well-known dance, and the star gets observed in various locations busting her moves.

At first, she is alone with her dog and sits on the sofa playing Mecca Bingo on her tablet. She starts the hand movements off whilst sitting but then, as she wins, stands up.

At this point, her dog starts to dance, but this isn’t a CGI dancing dog, but a performing pooch.

She’s then seen at the hairdresser’s with more dancers before heading off to London, and even more, people join her with the Queen’s Guard. Then, finally, she is off to the highlands.

We’re impressed but are you? Check out the new Meccarena TV Advert below. The new Meccarena Bingo Advert

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