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Monopoly Slingo

Monopoly is one of the most widespread & popular board games in the UK. It now, too, gets a Slingo makeover! The Slingo Monopoly game combines the original’s traditional characteristics with the massively successful Slingo format. Roll dice to traverse about the board, collecting properties and complete Slingos for a chance at winning real money!

Monopoly Slingo Game

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Monopoly Slingo Game Features

Monopoly Slingo is an entertaining adaptation of the world’s most popular board game. One of the foremost casino game developers, Scientific Games Digital, brings you a unique game with stunning visuals. Actual money rewards bring a new depth to the game, and there are four distinct game configurations to select from, each with a different number of rolls and a different prize pool.

The game’s objective is to collect all of the Slingos by landing on properties scattered over the board. Once you land on a property, the Slingo grid in the centre of the board gets marked off with all the same colour properties. Complete a row to get a Slingo, then climb the win ladder to enhance your odds of winning big!

How to Play Slingo Monopoly Online

It’s simple to play Monopoly Slingo. To begin, click the ‘Choose Profile’ button to identify the profile in which you wish to play. It influences whether you obtain seven or eight dice rolls; some profiles provide more significant payouts.

Click the ‘Stake’ button to place your wager, and you’re ready to start! To begin, click the ‘Start 7/8 Rolls’ button and roll those dice! Then, circumnavigate the board, accumulating properties along the way. Once you land on a property, the Slingo grid in the centre of the board gets marked off with all properties of the same colour.

Money will be added to your ‘free parking’ account each time you pass Go. You can collect the money if you are fortunate enough to find free parking. The Slingo Monopoly game, like the original, contains Chance and Community Chest cards. If you land on them, you will be handed a random card that will reward or penalise you. You may be evicted, thrown in jail, or receive a financial award! Just as in the original board game.

You must roll a double to escape if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in jail. You will be freed on your third attempt if this does not occur. Extra rolls are available after the game, and the button shows the cost. Finally, click ‘collect’ and collect any wins to bring the game to a close.

Monopoly Slingo Symbols

 Slingo Monopoly online includes all of the top characteristics of the traditional board game and some exclusive surprises! You’re probably familiar with Mr Monopoly, the game’s original symbol. When you click ‘help’ in Slingo Monopoly, this elegantly dressed old guy lends a helping hand and gives instructions.

The original silver playing pieces are also used to navigate the board, and the properties on the board correspond to the conventional version’s London streets. Will you be fortunate to land on the opulent Mayfair Street or the less-than-opulent Old Kent Road?

Get out of Jail + Chance & Community.

Whatever you do, avoid ending yourself in jail — until you have a Get Out of Jail Free card!

Additionally, Slingo Monopoly includes the usual Chance and Community Chest cards that might shower you with goodies or tax you – it all depends on the chance of the draw! Along with all of the classic game’s elements, Slingo Monopoly has some unique new features you’ll want to familiarise yourself with.

For instance, one card from each property set will be randomly picked if you land on the Joker. The necessary squares on the board will light up, and you may select a path. Collecting all properties in a set, doubles awards on the victory ladder. That certainly ups the rate of entertainment on this unique Slingo game.

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