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National Bingo Game Prize Winner

National Bingo Game Winner

One lucky player at Mecca Bingo in Greenock has won a National Bingo jackpot worth £22,000 on the National Bingo Game.

The National Bingo Game

As it is known, the National has long been one of the biggest draws at bingo clubs. However, this association has been revamped over the past couple of years by introducing new and exciting bingo jackpots.

National Bingo Game Variations

There are now seven bingo games brought to us by the National. National Cash, National Cash 2, Red Hot Jackpot, 55 Special, Rainbow, Blue Bonanza and Cash Pot. The National Bingo Game Association was formed in June 1986; the first national bingo game was played in July 1986.

Since then, the Nation Bingo Game Association have gone from strength to strength, with all major players in the industry, like Mecca Bingo, running bingo jackpot games in land-based clubs.

Gala Bingo Withdraw From National Bingo Game

Gala Bingo pulled out of the National Bingo game in August 2008, deciding to go with their own linked 55-themed Bingo Jackpot game instead. It was a blow for the NBGA. In addition, the National Bingo Game Caller of the Year competition was also suspended in 2008.

Lottery Games Compete with National Bingo Game

The National Bingo game remained the UK’s biggest computer-controlled game until 1994. Then, when the National Lottery got launched, it substantially impacted attendance at bingo clubs. However, it made the NBGA sit up and listen; the game has since undergone many changes in boosting prize money to compete with the new National Lottery game.

National Bingo Game Prize Money Paid

The National Bingo Game has paid out over 1 billion pounds in prize money since its launch, and just like the lottery, it has seen its ups and downs over the years.

Prize money on the UK National Lottery is also a lot less now than when it first launched; it used to reach up to £10 million regularly. We would need to see a triple rollover for the prize to be that high.

It is probably down to introducing other lottery games like EuroMillions and the Health Lottery. It is a case of adapting or dying in today’s ever-changing world. Bingo players are more demanding regarding entertainment from a bingo game. 

Just being called the National Bingo Game is no guarantee of success. However, we are glad to see that it is still going and that there are winners in the various National Bingo games.

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