New Grease Slot at Daub Bingo Sites

Grease Slot - Danny & Sandy Version
Grease Slot – Danny & Sandy Version

Daub Bingo sites have announced a new addition to the exclusive Grease Slot games available across their bingo and slot game sites. Daub Bingo sites consist of Kitty Bingo, Lucky Pants Bingo plus Spin and Win and Magical Vegas Casino sites.

Grease Slots Features

The new Grease Slots called Grease Danny & Sandy are the 3rd version of the slot game available to UK Bingo players. The Grease Slot Danny & Sandy Slot game is a 25 reel five pay line slot game that boasts four bonus rounds that take players to the favourite haunts of the two lovers.

Grease Slots bonus rounds include The Beach, The Drive-In, The Dance and Frosty Palace.

Game graphics on the new Grease Slot are vivid. Lovers of what is becoming an iconic slot game will enjoy this version of the Grease Slot genre.

Free Spin Bonus Rounds

Each of the four free spin bonus rounds on the slot game triggers by hitting different features on the reels. For example, to activate both The Dance and Frosty Palace bonus rounds, players need to hit the relevant symbols on reels 2,3 and 4.

To trigger The Beach and Drive-In bonus rounds, players must hit the relevant symbols on reels 1,3 and 5. Players then choose a logo that awards them with some free spins.

No Progressive Jackpot

The one feature that is lacking on this Grease Slots version that is available on the earlier Grease Slot games is the new Danny & Sandy version is not a part of the Grease Progressive Slot jackpot.

That does seem rather strange given that it is a new slot game. Perhaps Daub has released the game in a rush and plans to add the Grease Progressive Jackpot to the game later.

The quality and range of bingo and slot games that Daub Bingo sites offer UK bingo players remain excellent, and we highly recommend trying out the new Grease Slot while it is still relatively new. We think that when a slot game is unique, it does tend to pay out more often than not.

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