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New Lotto Game Kicks Off In Style

The new UK National Lottery game has kicked off in style after Saturday’s lottery draw saw a record payout. The National Lottery draw had a jackpot of £10 Million for the draw on Saturday and Raffle prizes of £20,000 for an extra 1000 players.

Hysteria Over Lottery Price Increase

There has been a lot of commentary in the UK Media on doubling the price of UK Lottery tickets. The new lottery ticket price of £2 has been called a “greedy move” by lottery organisers Camelot, even some politicians have questioned the spending on advertising for the new lottery game in Parliament.

UK Lottery players did not seem to mind or heed the call for a boycott of the lottery game, with players piling into the Saturday Nights Lotto draw. The Lottery jackpot of £10 Million got won by a single ticket by an as-yet-unnamed lottery player.

First Lottery Price Increase Since 1994

The increase in the price of Lottery tickets is the first increase since the lottery got first established in 1994. The price increase does, however, come at a time when many UK households are feeling the economic pinch of a prolonged economic downturn.

On the positive side, the increase does mean that Lottery players will have an increased minimum lottery jackpot to play for each week. In addition, adding a Raffle prize and ensuring prizes get paid more often is the price that gets paid for an increase in prizes.

It will be interesting to see if lottery players will continue to play the game once these two unique lottery draws have come to an end. The next draw of the National Lottery sees another £10 Million jackpot on offer, with another 1000 players getting rewarded with £20,000 in lottery raffle prizes.

It will then revert to a single player winning the raffle prize on each draw.

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