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New UKGC Rules for UK Bingo Sites

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New consumer protection guidelines, which gaming operators, including online bingo sites, are obligated to consider, will assist them in complying with September’s new regulations.

What the UKGC Expect from Responsible Operators

In April, the UK Gambling Commission proposed new regulations requiring online gaming companies to do more to detect and safeguard vulnerable clients. The new enhanced consumer protection guidelines will assist gaming operators in understanding and complying with the new laws, which go into effect on September 12.

Existing and new recommendations released during the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to apply and be provided to operators until September 12t. The revised advice gives remote gaming operators more information on recognising vulnerable customers.

  • Identifying Vulnerable Casino Players
    indicators of harm they must monitor for, including what is considered a ‘strong’ indicator of harm
  • when to use automated systems and processes
  • how to evaluate the impact of customer interactions.

Andrew Rhodes, chief executive officer of the Gambling Commission, stated, “Operators must take into account these guidelines before the implementation of stricter standards.” We are allowing the industry time to prepare for the changes, and we anticipate compliance to be achieved by September. Every gaming firm has a duty to play in preventing gambling-related damage, and this guidance clarifies our expectations, which will be backed up by enforcement action if necessary.


“In the present environment, which includes the growth in the cost of living, it is more necessary than ever for operators to identify consumers who are at risk of harm,”

Why The New Recommendations Are Important

The latest recommendations are part of the Commission’s continuous effort to make gambling in the United Kingdom safer. Shortly, the Commission will publish a new consultation on methods to combat consumers’ financial risks: compulsive gambling, significant unsustainable losses over time, and dangers for the financially fragile.

This is part of a more extensive programme of work by the Commission to promote and support industry best practices for recognising customers at risk of harm and taking appropriate action. This work schedule also includes the following:

Supporting the development of an industry-led solution to the Single Customer View problem via the Information Commissioner’s Office sandbox and collaborating with the gaming industry to assess the strategy they create.

Working with the industry to develop best practice algorithms for identifying damage using algorithms and ensuring compliance with standards.

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