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Online Bingo Targeted In Gamble Aware Campaign

Gamble Aware Target Online Bingo
Gamble Aware Target Online Bingo

Over the years, we have seen many changes in the rules around responsible gambling and measures that online bingo sites have to have available to ensure the well-being and safety of their users.

All reputable bingo brands will display details of Gamble Aware and Gamcare on-site. The former has just released an online campaign targeting online bingo players to raise awareness.

Gamble Aware has released two online campaigns aimed at 16 – 24 years old. One is ‘online’, and the other is ‘fruity’, the online version that uses online bingo as the gambling source. Both campaigns were shown in a few cinemas as a precursor to the launch and got seen before the screenings of Trainspotting T2.

Hard Hitting Campaign From Gamble Aware

We have previously seen the Senet Group release a set of responsible gambling adverts on television with the strapline ‘When the fun stops, stop’. However, while these were undoubtedly impressive, they weren’t nearly as hard-hitting as the campaign from Gamble Aware.

The most noticeable thing in the clips is how sinister the man was trying to entice the gambler’s sounds and how he can tap into the mind of someone with a gambling addiction and entice them in.

In the online bingo version of the campaign, we get shown a young lady sitting on her bed while in the corner, sitting perched on her desk, is an older gentleman. He begins talking to her, and his tone is optimistic and disturbing. It’s not how he looks, but more the words he uses to encourage the torn young lady to sit at her desk and log in to her online bingo account.

He talks about how it’s ‘just a bit of fun and then reminds her of how winning felt and the buzz she got from it. She sits at her desk, but the man disappears, and a laptop replaces him.

Gamble Aware Online Bingo Result

The team at Eyesdown Bingo ensures that we play our part by only promoting bingo rooms that are fully licensed and look after the security of their bingo players.

That would include the problem and underage gambling spheres that this campaign highlights when we say security. A recent example is the Blighty Bingo Age Verification article we covered. Blighty is a No Wager Bingo site licensed in the United Kingdom, and therefore it is obliged to ensure that it conforms to all Responsible Gambling edicts listed by the UKGC.

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