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Paddy McGuinness Steals Jackpot Joy Crown

Paddy McGuinness Steals Jackpot Joy Crown

When it comes to advertising online bingo sites, we’ve gotten subjected to the good, the bad, and the downright appalling over the years, but now and again, a bingo advert will grab our attention this week. So it was when Paddy McGuinness stole the Jackpot Joy crown from Barbara Windsor.

A little while back, we heard rumours that Paddy McGuinness was filming an advert for Jackpot Joy when gunshots got fired not too far from the filming location. However, we thought it would be a commercial focused on the Take Me Out Bingo available at the famous UK Slots and Bingo site.

New Face Of Jackpot Joy

We were wrong! Paddy McGuinness is not promoting the themed bingo from Jackpot Joy; he is the brand’s new face. The handover from Barbara Windsor has been done brilliantly in the advert, and there aren’t many online bingo brands that can claim to have had two well-known celebrities in their ads simultaneously!

We’re shown the Queen of Bingo visiting Paddy at his home. It’s a struggle to get Barbara in the door because she’s sporting her full regalia. Paddy shows off his regalia in his mid-terraced house. The funniest part has to be showing his corgi, which is a whippet in a fancy dress outfit!

The pair sit and drink tea, and Barbara rolls her eyes at Paddy’s efforts to take her crown and title but gets swayed when he tells her he has tickets for an extended cruise. Then, we hear a zipper pulling down, and her finery is flung across the room.

The baton has passed, and the victor walks out his front door and asks viewers to ‘Jackpot join in the fun’. It’s an excellent handover and very tongue-in-cheek, but the question is, will the Queen of Bingo ever return? Time will tell.

The New Jackpot Joy Advert

If you have yet to catch the commercial on your TV screen, type the headline of this article into Youtube, and you will get to view the hilarious Jackpot Joy Advertisement. It’s safe to say that Paddy takes the mickey.

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