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Playtech Bingo Affiliates

Playtech Bingo Affiliates is a program you assume to have a trustworthy affiliate offering. You would think they would have a good grasp on providing bingo affiliates with tools to promote Playtech Bingo rooms. If you are of this opinion, you would be incorrect in both instances in our opinion.

Playtech Bingo

This is not our view of Playtech Bingo rooms. The opposite is the case; Playtech has arguably the top bingo operators on the software who do not make use of the above-mentioned Affiliate Program.

Reasons to Avoid Playtech Bingo Affiliates

Playtech Bingo Affiliates is so poor it makes the now-defunct Cozy Partners look good. That is saying a lot. This is a pity for Bingo Affiliates, as it could have been different. Playtech seems to make it as difficult as possible for Bingo Affiliates to promote Playtech/Virtue Fusion bingo rooms in its stable of bingo brands.

From statistical reporting to the lack of transparency or viewing stats, there is a dark and underhanded feeling about Playtech Bingo Affiliates. However, to provide only bare basics in terms of data as they do is an insult to bingo affiliate marketers.

The affiliate software is NetHive. Unfortunately, Playtech has never been good at creating affiliate program software. It is another example of the lack of expertise they bring to the table.

Somehow, the gambling company listed on the London Stock Exchange has always made it difficult for marketers to view statistics. It is equally annoying trying to get marketing material.

A simple history of many Playtech Affiliate programs, be they bingo or casino-related, is enough to understand and view with caution any affiliate program using the software built by Playtech.

Good Playtech Bingo Affiliate Sites

The below 3 UK Bingo sites are the premier Playtech Bingo sites for Affiliates to promote in the United Kingdom. The only issue we can identify with promoting them is that they are very saturated already. That will mean conversion will be more difficult given the longevity of the sites on the bingo software.

Playtech Affiliate Program Grumbles

There are also many complaints surrounding practices employed by Playtech Affiliate Managers. For example, deals are not followed up on, there is difficulty in communicating, and there is a constant flow of complaints on various affiliate forums.

We have reached the point where we will not promote any bingo product using NetHive software. That includes any Casino or Bingo product using NetHive or Mexos Affiliate software.

There are many bingo affiliate programs out there that engage with bingo affiliates. We choose to do business with these as long as they have a quality bingo room. There are many independent Playtech operators available, fortunately.

Why would we want to do business with a Playtech Bingo Affiliate program that offers no transparency or support to marketing partners? The choice is yours. You have been cautioned.

Not All Playtech Bingo Sites Are Bad To Promote

Despite our antipathy towards the Playtech Bingo Affiliate programs that run on Nethive, it is just the brands on Nethive that you should be careful of promoting. Other fantastic bingo brands can still get promoted. View the article links below for a listing of bingo rooms that you can still encourage and that we recommend.

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