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Pragmatic Play Bingo Sites are a relative newcomer in the UK Bingo market. We say relatively as Pragmatic Play bingo rooms have established themselves quickly, offering high-quality bingo games. But, of course, it did help that existing quality dedicated bingo rooms moved to the bingo software. Please view our list of reviewed & recommended Pragmatic Bingo rooms below.

Pragmatic Play Bingo Sites Online

Pragmatic Play Online Bingo Sites

Bingo SiteSite FeaturesView
Heart Bingo LogoPopular UK Bingo Site
Fantastic Bonus & Games
Heart Bingo Review
butlers_bingo_140x50 LogoEstablished UK Bingo site.
Bingo Variation Games
Butlers Bingo Review
Dotty Bingo LogoSwitched from Electracade
Top-ranked bingo games

Why Choose a Pragmatic Bingo Site?

Launched in 2019, which in Bingo years is a mere heartbeat, Pragmatic Bingo sites have already gained popularity and won Awards due to the high-end nature of the bingo rooms. But, of course, that doesn’t mean the bingo games are expensive. It just means that the bingo game experience is superb.

Pragmatic Play Bingo boasts a wide variety of games and rooms. We like this Bingo because new bingo game variations get constantly added to the mix. That ensures players always have something new and exciting to play.

Online Bingo Games

The usual 90-ball and 75-ball bingo games are available as a host of exciting bingo variation games. We say interesting as these have been rolled out in double-quick time, outstanding. There are also 80-ball, 50-ball and 30-ball bingo games. Add a large selection of bingo rooms and soon the ability to play for Free Slot Spins in the upcoming Reel Room. Again, innovation has been crucial to the popularity of Pragmatic bingo sites. Bingo Blast & Zoom Bingo are two different available games.

Bingo Blast 90 Ball Game

Bingo Blast is a Pragmatic Play-exclusive game that aims to provide a new, revamped bingo experience. It is a mobile-first game adapted to the players’ current needs. This remake of a classic game features engaging visuals, an unique gameplay mechanic, and high-quality elements created entirely in-house. In addition, Bingo Blast is three to four times faster than the average 90-ball bingo game, making it ideal for playing on the go via mobile phone.

The purchase panel allows players to buy tickets for the Bingo Blast game. The interface is intuitive and straightforward, allowing beginners to enjoy the game like advanced bingo players.

During the initial blast, all balls appear on screen, and those in the player’s possession are highlighted in orange, remaining visible for extended periods. Players can inspect their tickets between the first and second blasts, as the numbers get automatically checked off.

After the second blast, the game displays one ball blasted from left to right at a time. At this point, the tickets appear in their entirety to provide players with a clear view of their status. After that, the balls will continue to fall rapidly until the final Full House winner gets crowned.

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