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Rainbow Riches Bingo

Rainbow Riches Bingo is a new 40-ball bingo game at Virtue Fusion Bingo sites. The new bingo game variant is themed on the Rainbow Riches Slot game.

Rainbow Riches Bingo - 40 Ball Bingo Variant

Playing 40 Ball Bingo

Rainbow Riches Bingo uses 40 bingo balls, two rainbow clovers and a spinning wheel. Bingo tickets come in the form of clover leaves. Each section of a cloverleaf gets numbered. For example, a strip consists of 5 bingo tickets.

Rainbow Riches Bingo Features

Bingo players who buy bingo ticket strips get a magic number for that bingo game. You win a gold coin if the number comes up during a bingo game. The coin is then placed into a personal wishing well.

When a magic number gets called, the bingo ball at the top of the wishing well changes to a gold coin. As a result, the gold coin balance also changes. More information about this is available below. Players must either mark off a complete clover or a ticket with two clovers to win a prize.

Rainbow Riches Bingo Jackpot Games

Rainbow Riches Bingo boasts two bingo jackpot games. One is a community bingo jackpot (Rainbow Road Jackpot), and the other is a personal bingo jackpot (Wishing Well).

The first bingo jackpot (Rainbow Road) consists of three community jackpot prize pots (bronze, silver, and gold) positioned along a 100-step Rainbow Road. The bronze pot is at step 20, the silver at step 40 and the gold at step 100.

The number of clovers produced determines the number of steps a leprechaun progresses along the rainbow road in each bingo game. In each bingo game, 0,1 or 2 clovers get called.

The leprechaun will progress one step along the road for each clover called. During bingo games, if the leprechaun lands on any of the prize pots, the prize value of the pool is split among players who got tickets for that game.

The jackpot split gets allocated according to the number of tickets each player buys. Once the leprechaun completes the Rainbow Road, the feature begins again.

Rainbow Riches Wishing Wells

The personal wishing well bonus allows players entering a Rainbow Riches room to select a number between 1-40 as their magic number’. A magic number gets assigned at random. Players will collect one gold coin in each bingo game if their magic number gets called during the bingo game.

Players must win 100 coins to get awarded £5 in bonus funds, divided up. 50% of the bonus is for use in the Rainbow Riches Slot game, and 50% is used in the Rainbow Riches Bingo room.

Once the feature gets won, it begins again from the start point. Bingo players can pre-buy Rainbow Riches Bingo tickets, and the minor bingo ticket price is 5 pence. To play Rainbow Riches Bingo visit any of our recommended Rainbow Riches Bingo Sites listed.

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