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Real Bingo Network Sites

The Real Bingo Network is a collection of bingo sites using Dragonfish Bingo software. Even though it uses the same software as the Dragonfish Bingo Network, there are differences between the Dragonfish Network and Real Bingo Network highlighted below.

Best Real Bingo Network Sites

ChitChat Bingo - UK Bingo Site
LoveHearts Bingo - No Wagering Bingo Site
Loadsa Bingo - No Wager Dragonfish Bingo Site

No Wagering & No Bonuses

The Real Bingo Network has a No Wagering conditions policy, which means what a player wins, they keep. They can do this because there are no matching bonuses. Players still get incentivised to join and play. Instead of receiving match bonuses, bingo players at Real Bingo Sites get offered Free Bingo Tickets and Daily Free Spins based on gameplay.

That means they get to keep and withdraw immediately, whatever a player wins at a Real Bingo site, instead of having to wager through a certain amount of times.

Why Play at Real Bingo Network Sites

There are two main reasons that we have highlighted above but feel the need to emphasise again. They are as follows:

  • No Wagering Requirements
  • Whatever You Win can be cashed in immediately.

As previously noted, Real Bingo network sites use the very familiar Dragonfish Bingo software, so you might wonder why this network has emerged. The simple explanation is that it is down to taxes. In the United Kingdom, online bingo bonuses now get taxed, making it difficult for bingo sites to maintain the match bonuses that had previously been on offer.

The Real Bingo network gets around this by offering bingo tickets and free spins. Of course, taxes still get involved, but it is much less than the bonus match option.

The Real Bingo network has become one of the fastest-growing bingo networks in the UK for the above reasons. Excellent Bingo games and a vast range of slots to use free spins means that there is a lot of entertainment to be had at the various sites making up the Real Bingo Network.

More Real Bingo Network Sites

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