Rewarding Wink Bingo

It’s been a while now since one of the most popular online bingo brands underwent a revamp and new features got introduced to the site.

We’re still impressed with just how rewarding Wink Bingo is for players and how you get to choose how exactly to reap those rewards.

Wink Rewards and Wink’s Wheel are just two of the features added when the bingo site underwent its transformation recently, and both see players benefit from depositing and playing at Wink Bingo.

Wink’s Wheel Rewards

For the bingo player who deposits £10 or more using the bonus code SPIN, there’s the chance to spin the Wink Wheel and in doing so, could find themselves earning any of the following:

  • Bonuses for bingo (with wagering requirements of 2x)
  • Tickets for bingo (awarded for use in the 1 Million Rewards room)
  • Rewards for instant games (with wagering requirements of 50x)
  • Wink Rewards
  • Free Spins (winnings get capped dependent on the number of spins awarded)
  • A bonus bundle that has both instant games and bingo bonuses included

Wink Rewards

The most rewarding part of the new features is the Wink Rewards and what is most impressive is that you get to choose what reward you want.

You can earn Wink Rewards in a whole manner of ways, and they start tallying up after you have made your first deposit with Wink Bingo.

The easiest way to earn them is by playing bingo because every £1 you spend doing so will have earnt you 1 Wink Reward.

Additionally, you can complete the daily challenge set, enter the Million Rewards bingo games or participate in the Rewarding Wednesdays to increase your balance of Wink Rewards.

Spending them, well that’s entirely up to you but there are benefits that can be purchased for as little as 5 Wink Rewards. The more you earn, the better the benefits.

We’d be here all day listing the rewards you can enjoy. It might be better just to visit the site and check them out for yourself.

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